This guide is a comprehensive guide about how best to uninstall NetNanny. Please read on if you would like to know just how to uninstall the paid and free edition of the program, also then it’s possible to follow the instructions below in the event that you’re not a specialist with computer apps.

First of all, what should you do if you want to uninstall NetNanny? To uninstall the system, you need to visit your Start menu, then click on”Run” to be able to enter your computer’s directory.

Once inside your personal computer’s directory, then you need to find a folder named”My Computer”, which is a link to your own C drive. In this folder is a subfolder called”Program Files”, which is a link into the device’s registry, which is the part of your computer by which all your preferences are stored. You should find this program files.

Now that you know what this folder is, then you check to determine if any one of the files for this app is not there and ought to go into that folder. When there is, the file should be deleted by you. But when there’s not anything within this folder, then you definitely ought to go back to the directory of this program, and manually delete all the files .

However there was still another method on how best to uninstall NetNanny. This manner is not as to uninstall it quite as timeconsuming, but it takes a little more knowledge on how to use the control line as a way to get rid of this applying. Here is the procedure

– Click on the Start button, and then click busy window. From the box which appears, type”net stop netnanny”. You ought to take a look at the box that is from the box that may appear after you type this sentence. This box will let you know when the application is still running, and after you will find out that it really is, you ought to delete the document called”NetNanny.exe”.

– it’s quite essential that you employ quote marks, and you usually do not put exceptional characters in front of the word”netnanny”. Simply replace the word”netnanny” with the name of the app you wish to eliminate, and then hit the Enter key on your computer. Once you do this, you should see a message box appears that says”this application isn’t found”.

– To find out whether the application is still running, if the application continues to be there, you should go in the folder where you deleted this document and then check. You then need to proceed to remove the application, When it’s there.

– In order to disable NetNanny, you ought to use the commandline to uninstall it. However, since people understand how to uninstall it, you should check whether the applying form can be removed by you manually. You need to click on the Start button, and then on Run, if you do not have the proper skills to do this.

– once you’ve become the command line, you ought to type the following command:”net stop NetNanny”. This will ask you for the name of the application form, it will close the command line. After this command, you is going in the commandline , and then type the next one:”net start NetNanny”. This will ask you for the name of the application, it will just close the command line.

– you have to save yourself the changes you have made to the registry. This way, you can then make your computer get straight back to usual. Just make certain that you have installed the latest virus security tool you may get, and that your anti virus programis up so far.

By this time, you should understand just how to uninstall NetNanny. Hopefully, this guide has provided you some guidance about what to uninstall the app and let your computer run again.